Learn 100% Online, on Your Own Time

Online bootcamp students don’t need to put their personal or professional lives on hold. Our bootcamp curriculum is delivered through a fully online platform, where you can easily track your progress. Curriculum is structured in modules which all have estimated times to complete. Using these estimates, you can plan how to fit learning into your schedule, instead of building your whole schedule around learning. 

Build Technical Knowledge and Hands-On Experience

Our number one goal is for students to complete the bootcamp ready to begin a new job, and that value is reflected in how we’ve built our curriculum. With feedback from hiring managers and guidance from industry experts, curriculum has been curated so your time is spent learning skills that are the most important for your success. 

During the bootcamp, you’ll prove your technical competencies through the completion of hands-on projects and activities which can all be compiled into a portfolio to share with hiring managers. For example:

  • In our Cybersecurity Bootcamp, you’ll complete 55 labs, 30 mini projects and a mentor-guided capstone. 

  • In our Software Engineering Bootcamp, you’ll work with your mentor to develop a custom capstone with a tech stack of your choosing. 

  • In our Data Analytics Bootcamp, you will complete a Capstone project along with 22 mini projects with passing evaluations from student’s mentor.

  • In our UI/UX Design Bootcamp, you will get access to 400+ hours of expert curated content and an opportunity to work on real-world design project.

Experience Personalized, Human Support

A human support system will be with you throughout every step of your bootcamp. You’ll work with your team to define your learning objectives and work towards them. Your team will include a student success manager, a career coach and a 1-on-1 industry mentor. 

Your expert industry mentor is one of the most unique and valuable aspects of your bootcamp experience. Every student is matched with a mentor who meets his or her professional goals or interests. To ensure we are providing the most valuable experience possible, our mentors take part in a rigorous application process. 1 one of every 12 mentor applicants get hired. Here is an overview of our application process: 

  • Technical expertise screen: Confirm that job candidates have the appropriate educational and professional credentials; Review portfolios and published work to demonstrate their technical competence. 

  • Video interview: When we meet with applicants, we’re keeping an eye out for prospective mentors who bring empathy, enthusiasm and top-tier communication skills to the table in order to provide you the best possible experience. 

  • Training and guidance: Upon passing the technical knowledge and video interview, mentors are provided additional guidance on developing their mentor abilities to best support our students. 

You’ll regularly have 1-on-1 conversations with your industry mentor throughout the bootcamp. Learn more about the experience of students and meet some of our mentors: 

The Value of Mentorship
Peter Nsaka
Software Engineer
Alissa Torres
Senior Threat Hunter
Mohit Bhatia
Program Manager - Analytics
Angelo Lo Presti
Sr Product, UI/UX Designer

Career Support From Start to Beyond Finish

The Online bootcamps offered by NIU CPE and created and delivered by Springboard, include optional career curriculum as well as a personal career counselor that is available to you. Whether your goal is to switch careers or to upskill in your current role, there are many strategies that a career coach can help you refine. 

  • Create a job search plan and evaluate which positions or businesses are the best fit for you.

  • Improve your resume to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

  • Complete mock interviews.

  • Negotiate the best compensation package.

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